Our Clinic

We are based at Seaston House, an old Barbadian plantation house that has been completely renovated to provide a purpose built interior incorporating all aspects of state-of-the-art facilities and the use of cutting edge technology to increase a couple’s chance of successful treatment.

The work areas are ergonomic and patient friendly. The investment in the facilities in the Theatre, Recovery Suite, Laboratory & Treatment Rooms reflect our commitment to be one of the world’s leading fertility specialists and ensure we maintain our high success rates and exceed international standards.

BFC strive to stay at the top of the fertility market by investing in the staff’s on-going development & training and annually attending international fertility conferences. We invest in the highest quality equipment to enable our staff to work effectively and most importantly to increase every patient’s chance of becoming pregnant.

These include:

– Satellite Units: BFC have been establishing satellite unit’s throughout the Caribbean including Trinidad, Antigua and St. Marteen. This not only makes patient care more cost effective but improves patient access to the world-class fertility service at Barbados Fertility Centre.

– Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS): By offering PGS we can now screen embryo’s and make an informed decision on the best quality of embryo to transfer and therefore increase the chance of a pregnancy occurring.

– The Life Wellness Centre: At our on-site Wellness Centre, we have seen that by combining holistic treatments with traditional medicine there has been a noted decrease in the stress associated with fertility treatments. As a result we have seen an increase in successful outcomes and encourage our patients to avail of these services.

Staff at Barbados Fertility Centre are all trained to give each patient their BEST chance at achieving pregnancy.

– Barbados Fertility Centre is more than just a building, a company or a clinic  – it is an ethos, a commitment and an approach. Every step we take to improve our services – even if it improves it by just 1% – that 1% could mean a baby for someone.

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