Why Barbados?

Located in the south Caribbean, Barbados has long been a favorite tourist destination because of its white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, you can’t help but relax and enjoy a romantic time with your partner. It is widely known as a safe and friendly island with the ultimate in luxurious accommodation.

More recently, Barbados is rapidly earning another reputation as a preferred destination for international health care with the most modern, world-class medical facilities in the Caribbean. Full medical services are provided at the 600-bed Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bayview Hospital, an open-heart surgery center and numerous speciality clinics and health centers.

In recent years, thousands of couples from around the world have come to Barbados for the highly specialized IVF and fertility treatments at the Barbados Fertility Centre. The centre is internationally acclaimed for its high success rates, which is due in part to the stress-free environment found on this beautiful island. Many couples who had previously had multiple unsuccessful cycles in their own countries have had positive outcomes at the Barbados Fertility Centre.

According to the Foreign and Commonweath Office of Travel and Living Abroad, 250,000 British tourists visit Barbados each year. Whether you are seeking world-class IVF, or are in need of a relaxing getaway, Barbados is the place where dreams come true.

So the question is not “Why Barbados?” but rather, “Why consider any place but Barbados?” for the experience of a lifetime.

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