Achievements & Accreditations

Barbados Fertility Centre prides itself on being a successful, progressive and innovative leading fertility clinic offering patients a wide array of options in order to achieve the success of having a family. Our approach at the Centre is one of EXCELLENCE! Every area of the clinic is purposely evaluated in order for each patient to receive their BEST chance of success. Our achievements are proven with the latest advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology and published success rates.

In terms of techniques that we have been the first Internationally Accredited Centre to introduced to the Caribbean and offer :

We are also very proud of our achievements. So far, these include:

  • Barbados Fertility Centre is the first full-time Fertility Unit in the Caribbean
  • 1000s of babies born worldwide from IVF/ICSI
  • Over 500 Caribbean babies created through IUI / Ovulation Induction
  • Barbados’s first IVF baby
  • Barbados’s first ICSI baby
  • Barbados’s first baby from frozen thawed embryos
  • Caribbean’s first babies from vitrified embryos
  • Caribbean’s first babies from Blastocyst Transfer
  • Only Caribbean Fertility Centre accredited with the US based Joint Commission International (JCI)


We provide World class fertility care, not only to the Caribbean, but also to clients from further afield countries such as UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Canada..

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