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 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common procedures performed at Barbados Fertility Centre. IVF when translated means fertilization “in glass” and refers to the process where a woman’s eggs are fertilized with male sperm outside of her body in a laboratory to produce embryos. IVF is an option for many couples who struggle to conceive naturally. Once these embryos are created they are transferred to the woman’s uterus after 3 to 5 days and it is here that nature takes over for the embryo/s to implant and progress to a successful pregnancy. At Barbados Fertility Centre our patients come to us from all over the world to avail of our high IVF success rates which considerably higher than the national average rates for both the UK & US.

Why Our Success Rates are So High

We believe our success rates are so high because of our holistic approach to fertility treatment combined with world-class treatment methods.

As we treat the couple or individual who is seeking to get pregnant, we combine state of the art medical techniques with holistic therapy in Barbados. The natural beauty of the island supports a relaxing experience, we then combine this with treatments at our on site Life Wellness Centre, which provides our patients with massage, reflexology, Reiki, nutritional advice and sessions with a counsellor to help deal with the emotion of infertility. We believe this approach results in reduced stress levels to prepare the body for egg collection, implantation and ultimately high success rates for pregnancies.

IVF is typically suitable for several types of reproductive disorders, such as:

  • Couples with unexplained infertility
  • Women with diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Men with abnormal semen parameters


IVF Process

When a woman begins IVF treatment, she is prescribed fertility medications by our IVF Physicians, which are specific to her reproductive health profile. These medications stimulate the ovaries with the goal of developing several mature follicles, with the hope that each follicle contains an egg. This process is regularly monitored through ultrasound and blood testing to ensure the ovarian stimulation process is progressing appropriately.

Once mature follicles have been produced by the ovaries, the eggs are then collected at Barbados Fertility Centre during an outpatient procedure, which is performed under sedation/local anaesthetic by our IVF Specialist Physician. The process is completed using an ultrasound-guided needle which travels through the vaginal wall and into the ovary, where the needle collects the eggs. Once the collection process has been completed, the eggs are immediately sent to the embryology laboratory.

On the same day that the eggs are collected, a semen sample is produced by the male partner. The semen sample is prepared in the laboratory in an effort to consolidate as many motile, normal-looking sperm as possible. The prepared sperm and eggs are then cultured together in the laboratory overnight

The following morning, the eggs are inspected for signs of fertilization. Those eggs which show normal fertilizations are cultured in the laboratory for another 24-48 hours. The fertilized eggs are now called embryos. The development of the embryos are monitored and the couple are kept advised of their progress.

Once we have determined that embryos are ready to be transferred to the uterus, an appointment will be made with our fertility specialist. Prior to this procedure, you and our IVF Specialist Physician will discuss how many embryos you will transfer. During your appointment, the embryo transfer procedure will be performed using a small catheter which is inserted through the vagina into the uterine opening. The embryos transfer procedures takes no more than a half hour and most women experience little or no discomfort.

Following the embryo transfer procedure, any embryos that were not transferred will be assessed for their suitability to be cryopreserved for use by the couple in the future.

Success rates are dependent on many factors and can vary depending on your individual circumstances. Your specific success rate will be communicated to you by our IVF Specialist Physician once your medical history has been reviewed.

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