Our IVF Programme

All couples that come to Barbados Fertility Centre are given an individual treatment programme according to the causes of their infertility.  Specific treatment options will be discussed on an individual basis.

We recognise and are committed to policies and processes that respect the individual rights of all clients attending the clinic. Embedded in these rights are the principles of equity, access, independence and informed patient consent.

Barbados Fertility Centre ensures staff are educated and respectful of patient’s rights when delivering care and services and will ensure that clients are cared for in a manner that is respectful of their culture and lifestyle, free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.

All patients will be provided with information which supports their rights to make informed decisions and personal choices and respected for their informed choice to refuse the recommended treatment.

Patients will be involved in all aspects of care planning and service provision and guarantee that personal information gathered by Barbados Fertility Centre’s staff is protected as private and confidential to the fullest extent possible.

Information is not shared with providers outside the clinic unless the patient has provided informed consent or unless certain situations may require information relating to criminal matters, as requested by court authorities.


Barbados Fertility Centre believes in informing patients on all aspects of treatment care – not only medically but financially as well.

Our published costs do not include medication as each patient’s medical needs are assessed on an individual basis. Barbados Fertility Centre reserves the right to alter fees at any time. Patients will be informed as soon as possible to any adjustments being made.

Payment Requirements

Patients will be given either in person or email, a financial quote based on the medical team’s instruction prior to treatment from one of our financial coordinators. Treatment and medication costs are detailed in the quote allowing patients to structure their finances appropriately. Patient’s “Cycle Outline Form” will also detail when payment is required.

Payment Schedule

Patients are required to make a 50% deposit on the total cost of their cycle no later than 14 days prior to their down regulation ( i.e start of Buserilin Injections). For those patients who reside outside of Barbados, medication will not be shipped unless this payment is made.  A delay in receiving these medications can compromise the start of treatment and incur penalty charges* ( see price list for Cancelled Cycle Coordination Fee).

The final 50% payment for treatment is due prior to Egg Collection. For patients flying to Barbados Fertility Centre, this final payment should be made the first day you visit the clinic for scan prior to your Egg Collection.

Unpaid costs may result in treatment being delayed. BFC reserves the right to cancel appointments or refuse treatment at short notice if fees are not paid before that appointment.

Payment options

BFC accepts the following methods of payment


  • cash, cheque, credit and debit cards, (excluding American Express) , bank drafts.


  • US cash, bank draft, credit cards, (excluding American Express) , wire transfer.

No personal cheques accepted .

At Barbados Fertility Centre we do not offer finance or loan facilities to fund treatment.

Cancellation Policy

Barbados Fertility Centre is committed to providing the highest quality medical care to patients. Our internationally trained staff work passionately with state of the art medical equipment and supplies in order to give each patient the best care possible. The cost of IVF treatment is substantial and we do our best to keep costs as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when cycles may need to be cancelled and costs need to be recovered. Refunds are reflected to the duration completed by patients in their cycle.


Once you the patient commit to cycle we at Barbados Fertility Centre take this promise seriously.  You are enveloped with the best medical care and we start the process of importing perishable medical supplies specifically for YOU. Should you need to cancel your cycle after you have made the commitment to proceed, you will be billed a coordination fee which is to be settled immediately on cancellation.

Cost:    BARBADOS/CARICOM PATIENTS – US$1250.00 plus any medication used.

             INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS – US$1750.00


Should treatment need to be cancelled by the medical team as a result of failure of the female patient’s ovaries to stimulate, the patient will be issued a credit note for the original treatment cost but will billed for all medication used up to that point and a coordination fee incurred.

Cost:    BARBADOS/CARICOM PATIENTS – US$1250.00 COORDINATION FEE plus medications used to this point.

             INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS – US$1750.00 COORDINATION FEE plus medications used to this point.


As payment has been made in full at this time, the patient will be issued a refund for this procedure not occurring plus/minus medication used to this point.

 Refund:       BARBADOS/CARICOM PATIENTS – US$750.00

                         INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS – US$750.00


Should the medical team recommend that all embryos are frozen for transfer at a later date, there will be no charge for the first transfer of frozen embryos. All medication required for this future transfer will be additional.



Barbados Fertility Centre is proud to be one of the first clinics in the world to offer the technique of vitrification. Since 2006 and we have seen with great success versus over the older method of embryo freezing. There are times however when embryos do not survive the thawing process. The refund for this is 50% of the cost of the FET.


Refund:            BARBADOS/CARICOM PATIENTS – US$500.00

                         INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS – US$500.00



There is a huge amount of coordination and medical management that goes into the organization of an egg donor cycle. Should the cycle be cancelled prior to the completion of treatment the recipient patient will incur fees associated with the cancellation.

Cost: US$2250 cycle coordination fee donor plus donor medication and medication used by the recipient.

At the end of each patient’s treatment cycle, our financial coordinators review each patient’s file for audit. Should any additional medication or services be use you will be advised and billed accordingly. Reversely, should you have used fewer medications you will be advised and credited accordingly.

Any credit balance maybe kept on account for future cycles or a refund via cheque/draft or credit card can be issued.


Further information

Should you have any questions with regards finances please contact Rachel de Gale, Finance Manager at rdegale@barbadosfertility.com or Rhonda Greaves, Financial Coordinator at rgreaves@barbadosfertility.com or call on +1 (246) 435 7467.

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